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DWU Dining

At Dakota Wesleyan University you’ll find Weston Food Court, an all-you-care-to-eat restaurant as well as our coffee shop Java City, all designed to fit your dining needs!

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Dining on campus is a quintessential part of the overall college experience. Check out our locations tab to see what’s new as well as our meal plan tab to see what’s available! We are excited to bring you Dakota Wesleyan Dining!

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At DWU Dining we are committed to making environmentally friendly decisions throughout our operation in order to minimize our footprint while still providing quality food and services. From trayless dining to reusable coffee mugs, we are always striving for ways to reduce water usage and waste. Visit our brand new Sustainability page to read about all the great ways we can work to shape the planet.

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Meal Plans

Sign up for a meal plan today! Having a meal plan allows ultimate flexibility and convenience on campus. No more having to carry cash around! With one swipe of your meal plan you can access Weston Food Court or use your Declining Balance Dollars and visit Java City. On-campus convenience at its finest! Whether you are an on-campus resident, commuter, faculty or staff, having a meal plan makes life a little easier!

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